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Southern Arizona Gender Alliance ATWORK Project Resources


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, ATWORK Project, Misty Blue


I'm not sure why it is in Folder 2 of this collection, unless it was used as a resource during the 2007 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week. It is unclear whether that happened. The first four pages are a list of businesses and their contact information that were part of the SAGA ATWORK Project. This project sought to provide transgender people opportunities for work and highlighted companies that were transgender-friendly for hiring and working. The rest of the resource seems to be similar to a physical Yellow Pages, full of different businesses advertising help wanted ads. Somebody's (possibly Misty Blue's) handwriting covers these pages in red ink, adding ZIP codes next to some companies and branches, crossing out some companies, highlighting certain instructive text on the page to turn to a different page.


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance


February 2007


Misty Blue



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SAGA ATWORK Project/February 2007/by Misty Blue: Tucson Employment Services: Agencies/Temporary Help Contractors/Executive Search Services/Government Services.

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Folder 2: 2007 Transgender Awareness Week (but unsure how it is related).

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Blue, Misty, "SAGA ATWORK Project/February 2007/by Misty Blue," Southern Arizona Gender Alliance. Southern Arizona Gender Alliance 20th Anniversary Collection, ORG2019-001. Arizona Queer Archives, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, United States.


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, “Southern Arizona Gender Alliance ATWORK Project Resources,” Arizona Queer Archives, accessed September 26, 2023,