The Arizona Queer Archives is the state of Arizona’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) collecting archives of the Institute for LGBT Studies at the University of Arizona

As a community-focused archives, the Arizona Queer Archives, AQA, uses and pulls queer -- as theory and practice -- into the way we go about collecting, preserving, and making AQA collections accessible to develop an archives that is for, by, and about us. We want an archives that is flexible and playful and one that is a living and breathing story of our lives.

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The AQA is grateful for the financial support from the community. Special thanks to:
Jennifer Bates
Monica Casper "In Memory of Lionel Cantu"
Jill Koyama
Penelope Starr
Catherine Brooks
Susan Meyer
Fabian Alfie
Ragini Srinivasan
Emily Davidson "In Memory of Evelyn Davidson"
Judith Brown "In Honor of Dr. Jill Koyama"
Sara Tolbert
Janice Welchert "In Honor of Jill Koyama"
Miriam Black
Ellen Melamed "In Honor of Jill Koyama"
Anonymous "In Memory of Jamie Kors"
Eve Rifkin
Lavina Tomer "In Honor of Dr. Jamie Lee"
Laura Hoff
Paul Douglas Noffsinger
Mimi Klausner
Kent Burbank
Cathy Hemler & Stephanie Bader "In Memory of Bonnie Folse"
Scott Neeley
James Uhrig
Marc Arenberg
V Spike Peterson

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Recently Added Items

2016 Southern Arizona Gender Alliance Contingent to Tucson Pride Parade Photograph

2016 SAGA Contingent to Tucson Pride Parade.pdf

Single photograph. The photograph depicts the front of the SAGA crowd in the Tucson Pride Parade. There is a trans flag as well as SAGA's logo on a…

2010 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week Schedule of Events (Advertisement and Planning)

2010 Transgender Awareness Week Schedule Ad and Detailed.pdf

There are two parts to this resource, but both are schedules of events for the 2010 Tucson Transgender Awareness Weeks. The first one was the…

2005 International Transgender Day of Remembrance Program

2005 Transgender Day of Remembrance Program.pdf

A pamphlet used during the 2005 Tucson Transgender Day of Remembrance. Inside is a history and the purpose of the day, as well as a list of all the…

Wingspan Car Sticker

2007 Wingspan Car Sticker.pdf

Three car stickers with the Wingspan logo and the words "Your Center" underneath. This was probably included as part of the Southern Arizona Gender…

2007 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week Bookmark Advertisement

2007 Trans Awareness Week Schedule Bookmark Ad.pdf

In the collection there are several bookmarks with information printed, front and back, about the 2007 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week. They were…