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Fly Away Zine Mobile ~ zine collection


zines; lesbian; queer; gay; transgender; health;


The Fly Away Zine Mobile Collection was acquired by Professor Adela C. Licona through her contacts in the zine world and Debbie. Consider reading through the blog about the Fly Away Zine Mobile here: to learn more about the collection process and where the zine mobile has traveled and conducted workshops on zine production. We are honored to house this collection.

Collection Items

The Fly-Away Zine Mobile
A guide about zines

Coloring Book (girls will be boys will be girls)
Coloring book for children about not conforming to gender roles

Cousiousness Raising
Understanding of what it means to me a woman in one's society

Dear Colleague
How men should treat and speak of liberated women

Discipline and Obedience
Manifestos from submissions by people

Dyke: A Quarterly
Stories containing disturbing and unethical treatment of pets/animals.

Article about families

Female Liberation as the Basis for Social Revolution
Goes over policy discussed in National Conference 1968

Flaming Heterosexual Female Chapter 1
Story about heterosexual woman

Flowers for Algebra No. 1
Journal entries

Gender Trouble
Drawings about gender bathroom use

Gendercide No. 3
Transitioning stories

Gendercide No. 5
Point of view of self identified cisgender male or genderqueer and identified as femme

Ghost of Polyamory No. 1
Comic about polyamory

Gossip No. 1
Lesbian feminist ethics
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