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Trans*-Centered Archives & Historical Projects


Trans* Centered Archives and Historical Projects          
  University of Victoria Transgender Archives The University of Victoria believes that the history of pioneering transgender activists and the work they have done on behalf of their communities must be preserved. UVic Archives is actively acquiring documents, rare publications, and memorabilia of persons and organizations that have worked for the betterment of transgendered people.The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria is accessible to the public, and available to faculty, students, and scholars for teaching and research. Victoria, Canada http://transgenderarchives.uvic.ca/  
  Transgender Foundation of America’s (TFA) Archive The Transgender Foundation of America’s (TFA) archive of transgender history and research library is the beating heart of the transgender center located in Houston, Texas. For far too long, transgenders lived without a sense of history as a people. The Houston Transgender Archive addresses this by actively searching out and acquiring transgender history. The TFA research library includes journals, studies, biographies and more, both current and obscure. The library includes both the most current information on transgender issues as well as delicate books that are hundreds of years old. Houston, TX http://tgarchive.org/  
  Trans Oral History Project The Transgender Oral History Project is a community-driven effort to collect, preserve and share a diversity range of stories from within the transgender and gender variant communities.   http://transoralhistory.com/  
  The Visibility Project A national portrait + video project dedicated to the Queer Asian American Women, Trans, and Gender non-conforming communities. The Visibility Project breaks barriers through powerful imagery and storytelling.   http://www.visibilityproject.org/  
  Mobile Homecoming Mobile Homecoming is an innovative and loving response to a deep craving for intergenerational connection. A craving that lives in the hearts of queer black same gender loving elders and visionaries. A craving that has taken over the minds of two young queer black women. Julia Wallace of Queer Renaissance and Alexis Pauline Gumbs ofBrokenBeautiful Press have decided to dedicate the next phase of their lives to collecting and amplifying the social organizing herstories of black women, trans men, and gender queer visionaries who have been refusing the limits of heteronormativity and opening the world up by being themselves in the second half of the 20th century.   http://www.mobilehomecoming.org/  
  Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art MOTHA is dedicated to moving the hirstory and art of transgender people to the center of public life. The preeminent institution of its kind, the museum insists on an expansive and unstable definition of transgender, one that is able to encompass all trans and gender non-conformed art and artists.   http://www.sfmotha.org/