Echelon Intel Newsletter 2006 - Advertisement for Transgender Awareness Week

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Echelon Intel Newsletter 2006 - Advertisement for Transgender Awareness Week


Transgender Awareness Week; Advertisement; Echelon Magazine


This document is a printed email from C. Michael Woodward, President of the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance. What is shown from the email is the first page of the Echelon Magazine Intel Newsletter, which advertises the 2006 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week in short form. No stories or fluff, just a brief overview of the events, as well as the two organizations primarily responsible for the events: SAGA and the University of Arizona's Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. The rest of the email and newsletter are not included.


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance


Echelon Magazine


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance


Newsletter Published - November 6th, 2006
Email Sent - November 6th, 2006
Email printed - November 7th, 2006


C. Michael Woodward


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Newspaper and eLetter Clippings; Advertisements for Trans Awareness Week

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"Tucson Transgender Awareness Week," Echelon Magazine, (6 November 2006). Southern Arizona Gender Alliance 20th Anniversary Collection, ORG2019-001. Arizona Queer Archives, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona


Echelon Magazine was "The Source for the GLBT Business Community," so most likely middle-to-upper class queer Americans. The email was sent by Echelon to C. Michael Woodward.

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The newsletter itself: ECHELON The Source for the GLBT Business Community Echelon Intel Newsletter ~~LEFT COLUMN~~ GLBT Business News Echelon Intel is a weekly newsletter providing GLBT business news, profiles, job postings and a calendar of events in support of America's GLBT community. Remember to Vote! Tucson Transgender Awareness Week November 13-20, 2006 will mark Tucson's first-ever city-wide Transgender Awareness Week. The project is a collaboration between the University of Arizona's Center for Student Involvement & Leadership and Wingspan's Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA), and is held in conjunction with the Eight Annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance. The theme for the week is "Invisible Identities within the Trans Community." The week will feature a variety of events around the city as well as on the University of Arizona campus. Highlights include appearances by NYC attorney Dean Spade, founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project; screening of a new documentary film, "Cruel and Unsual"; several informational trainings and Q&A forums; a gallery show featuring local transgender artists; a youth-led Freedom of Expression march; a community fair and keynote address by Loren Cameron, author of the highly acclaimed book, Body Alchemy; and a candlelight vigil on Monday Nov 20 to honor those lost to anti-transgender hate crimes. ~~RIGHT COLUMN~~ November 6, 2006 IN THIS ISSUE -Tucson Transgender Awareness Week Top 20 Researched Vehicles: -RainbowVision Palm Springs Slated for Construction in 2007 -AMERICAN AIRLINES LAUNCHES AA.COM/RAINBOW -Bay Windows and Edge Publications Announce Strategic Partnership -New Pilot For Television, Bourbon Street Completes Principal Photography -CALENDAR OF EVENTS -GLBT Webinar -here! Networks Brings Premium LGBT Digital Entertainment to AOL Gay & Lesbian -A Magazine with a Purpose -COMMUNITY CONNET AND WILDERNESS MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT PARTNER TO CREATE GLEE.COM Transgender Awareness Week

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Echelon Intel Newsletter/ Most Researched Vehicles


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, “Echelon Intel Newsletter 2006 - Advertisement for Transgender Awareness Week,” Arizona Queer Archives, accessed February 29, 2024,