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Wingspan LGBT Community Center

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Outing the Violence: A One-day Conference on Domestic Violence in Same-Gender Relationships
Brochure advertising a one-day conference on domestic violence in same-gender relationships.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Flyer for a Wingspan Domestic Violence Project event.

The Center
Newsletter featuring a story about the addition of the Domestic Violence Project to Wingspan's community services.

Rainbow Train
Brochure advertising elder lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender cultural competency training.

Wingspan's Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care
Front cover of a binder containing information from Wingspan's Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care.

Latino LGBTQ 101
Latino LGBTQ cultural competency training participant manual.

Wingspan: Health and Wellness Program
Health and Wellness Program fact sheet on the dangers of smoking.

Gender Identity 101: A Transgender Primer
A resource guide for educators, health care professionals, businesses, social service organizations & interested allies.
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